15 Weird And Unusual Home Remedies That Really Work

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More and more people these days are turning away from toxic over the counter or prescription medications and seeking cures or relief from natural home remedies.

Are you sick of running to the drugstore to buy the latest medication, only to find that it didn’t work? Or worse, you ended up with some terrible side effect that made you wish you had never taken it at all? Or when it didn’t work, did you try a different, and more likely expensive, treatment or medication only to find that it didn’t work either?

You aren’t alone. This is the reason why so many people are returning to natural home remedies. Although modern medicine scoffs and laughs at some home remedies, you will very surprised to find out just how effective these things actually are! Perhaps that’s why so many of them have been used hundreds of years; because they work!

Some of these might sound a bit bizarre, but give them a try and you will discover what thousands of other people are finding out that old fashioned, natural, home-made remedies are usually the best!


1. Stop Ear Infections

Clean the wax out of your ears easily by lying on your side and filling your ear with hydrogen peroxide. Generally, one capful is enough to fill your ear. Let it sit and bubble in your ear for about 5 or 10 minutes. You are going to hear a whole lot of popping and fizzing going on. This is just the peroxide softening the wax and killing any bacteria that is your ear. Put a tissue over your ear and allow it to drain. You can also just let your ear drain into the sink or a trash can but the tissue is less messy. You can now easily remove excess earwax with a Q-tip. Not only does this feel terrific, but you can probably stop ear infections, even a cold virus, dead in its tracks by using this trick at the very first sign of a cold or ear pain.


2. Stop Foot Odor

Has someone in your family told you that your smelly feet are enough to drive someone to drink? Perhaps it’s time to take them up on that! OK, so you aren’t literally going to hit up your local bar, but go and buy a bottle of pure vodka (not the flavored kind). Dampen a wash rag with the vodka and rub it over your feet. The high alcohol content kills the bacteria that causes those stinky toes.


3. Heal a Cut

Did you give yourself a nasty cut trying to separate that bagel this morning? (Why don’t they cut those things all the way through anyway?) Sometimes we end up with a cut that needs something more than a bandage but isn’t really bad enough to waste half a day going to the doctor for 2 lousy stitches. Super glue and chapstick to the rescue! No, we are not kidding. Wash and air dry the cut, then use the superglue to stick the cut back together and then rub the top with a bit of (clean) chapstick to help seal the top of the cut.


4. Eat This for a Cold

Did your mother or grandmother feed you chicken soup when you were sick with a cold? That is much more than just a feel good remedy. Chicken soup is a legit remedy. It contains proven anti-inflammatory compounds that help move the mucus out of your body and when the mucus starts leaving your body, it takes the virus with it.


5. Remove Warts and Skin Tags

If you think removing ugly warts or those annoying skin tags means an expensive trip to the dermatologist, think again! You don’t have to buy those pricey, smelly over the counter remedies either; all you need is a little bit of duct tape. Not masking tape or electrical tape, for some reason, it needs to be duct tape. No one knows why this works, but it really does! Simply cover the wart or skin tag with a small piece of duct tape. Leave it on until the tape falls off. (Yes, shower with it.) Once it falls off, if the wart is still there, repeat the process. Most people say that the wart or skin tag will fall off with the tape by the 3rd application, which is about 2 or 3 weeks.

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