15 Windowsill Plants that Heal and Cure (#8 is Super Nice!)


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7. Feverfew

As the name implies, this plant is often used to treat fevers. Making a tea from the leaves will also ease migraine and other headache pains. Drinking the tea regularly can provide arthritis relief.


8. Johnny Jump Up

These adorable little flowers  please everyone. This plant grows best in full sun and is perennial so it will re-seed itself every year. Johnny jump ups have powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that are great for skin blemishes and skin problems like eczema. Even if you never end up using this little plant, you will be so excited and happy just to see to those pretty flowers.


9.  Mint

This is another one to keep in a pot as it will take over your garden if you don’t watch it carefully. Peppermint tea can take the place of pepto any day! A cup of peppermint tea will ease indigestion, cramps, nausea, and gas.

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