15 Windowsill Plants that Heal and Cure (#8 is Super Nice!)

Bunch of lavender flowers

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4. Lavender

This is a beautiful, fragrant, and sun loving plant that is easy to grow but needs good drainage. Use a pot with gravel on the bottom and a light soil. Lavender tea is great for relieving headaches and the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory compounds make this a great face wash as well. You can also dry the flowers and leaves for beautifully scented sachets throughout your home. Put one under your pillow for super sweet dreams.


5. Marigold

Beautiful in the pot, they love full sun. This plant has been used forever as a means of easing digestive problems and ulcer pain. This plant is sometimes called calendula. Make a tea from the flowers to ease sunburn pain.


6. Lemon Balm

This is a good one to keep in a pot because it tends to become overgrow in the garden. Lemon balm tea is perfect for insomnia, healing cold sores, or preventing breakouts. You can rub the leaves directly on your skin to relieve insect bites or as a natural insect repellent.

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