18 Home Remedies for Varicose Veins

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

9. Prop up your feet

Putting your feet up feels so good, but putting them above the level of your heart is even better. Make gravity work for you, for a change! So lie on the couch and put your feet up on the arm or put 3 or 4 pillows under them and allow gravity to push that blood back to your heart.


10. But don’t sit too long

Some experts say that sitting for long periods of time can cause varicose veins. It’s thought that those bent knees and hips slow the return of blood to your heart. So if you sit all day at work, or if you are on a long car ride or plane ride, get up and stretch your legs at least once an hour.


11. And don’t be cross

Your legs, we mean. Sitting with your legs crossed for long periods also slows the circulation to and from your legs.


12. Flex your feet

Contracting your leg muscles help prevent varicose veins, but so does exercising the muscles in your feet. This helps to force the blood up and out of the veins. Try pumping your food up and down, such as when you are pressing on the gas pedal of a car, or rotate your feet by moving them both clockwise and then counterclockwise.


13. Sleep with your feet elevated

If you have chronic swelling of your ankles or lower legs, try putting a few pillows under your feet or lower legs while you are sleeping.


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14. Keep it loose

Your clothes, we mean. Don’t wear pants or other clothing that is tight at the waist or crotch. They can act like tourniquets that can cut off or seriously restrict the blood flow that is coming from your legs.


15. Consider some support

Check at your pharmacy or ask your doctor about special compression stockings that are specially designed to improve circulation in the legs.


16. Check your seat

If you must sit for long periods, don’t use a chair with seat that is too long or too deep for your legs. The front edge of the chair seat will dig into the back of your knees and compress the blood vessels.


17. Change your shoes

Shoes with lower heels make your calf muscles work harder, which means they pump more blood away from your legs and back to your heart. Wear tennis shoes more often, especially if your feet or ankles swell frequently.


18. Cover ups

If you have stopped wearing shorts or skirts because you are embarrassed about your unsightly varicose veins, then how about making them disappear with products that cover up those blue lines. There are numerous brands of creams in various shades to match your skin type and cover up those veins. Some brands are waterproof and even have an SPF of 15. Although creams won’t fix or cure your varicose veins, at least they will help you forget about them for a while.



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