20 Easy Ingredient Swaps For Healthier Eating In Seconds

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

2. Make Healthier Soups

Rather than use cream or even whole milk, substitute pureed beans or nuts. By mixing in some pureed beans or nuts, you can increase the amount of protein and fiber but remove fat. You will still have that creamy texture that you love in soups, but you will find that your soup is much more satisfying. Try some mild flavored beans, such as white beans or pinto beans, so the flavor does not overwhelm your soup.


3. Instead Of Mayo

Mayonnaise is so flavorful and creamy, it is hard to give up. But you can get all the flavor and that delicious creamy texture by substituting avocado for mayonnaise. Avocados are full of healthy fat, along with fiber and potassium. Avocados have fewer calories, much less saturated fat, and much lower in cholesterol than mayo does. Avocado is also a good substitute for butter in most recipes, including toast!

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