20 Things You Never Imagined You Could Do With A Cucumber (#12 is Shocking!)

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Who doesn’t love the fresh, cooling taste of cucumbers? Many people find that they can just slice them and eat them anytime for a refreshing treat that’s loaded with vitamins and minerals. Others enjoy putting them in salads, eating them as pickles, or adding them to a sandwich. No matter how you like to eat them, there is one thing no one can deny: Cucumbers are super healthy and have dozens of uses, many of which most people are completely unaware.

If you think that cucumbers are only for finger sandwiches and to relieve puffy eyes, we have some eye-opening pointers for you regarding all the wonderful things you can do with cucumbers. For those of you who planted them in your summer garden, this will be good news because chances are you have plenty to spare.

Let’s take a look at the top 20 things you probably never imagined you could do with a simple cucumber.


1.  Get Things Moving

If you tend to get chronic constipation, cucumbers can get things moving again. Cucumbers are very low in calories so you needn’t worry about them messing up your diet or adding to your waistline. Cucumbers are also loaded with water and are high in fiber so eating some cucumber every day can really get things moving, and stop constipation in its tracks. Or put it back on track — however you would like to look at it.


2.  Stronger, Silkier Hair

Cucumber contains plenty of silicon, sulphur sodium, calcium, and phosphorus, which are the vital ingredients for long, beautiful hair. To get the most hair bang from your cucumber buck, drink eight ounces of fresh cucumber juice each day (or eat at least half a fresh cucumber daily) and add some cucumber juice to your hair as a final rinse after washing. Allow the juice to stay in your hair for a few minutes, and then rinse with clear water. After three to four weeks, you should have longer, stronger, more gorgeous locks than you ever imagined possible.


3.  Keep Pests Out of the Garden

Some garden insects really dislike the smell of cucumber. What can we say — they are only insects, what do they know? To keep unwanted guests out of your garden, put some cucumber slices inside an aluminum can. The aluminum and cucumber create a chemical reaction and an unpleasant smell that should send most pests packing.


4. Low-Calorie Snack

If you are trying to watch your weight, or drop a few pounds, try eating more cucumbers. Since they are mainly water, they are extremely low in calories and will fill you up — but not out. So when you are feeling hungry, but you don’t want to add excess calories or fat, try eating a cucumber. One cup of sliced cucumber only has 15 skinny calories.

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