21 Questions about Ebola: Government Propaganda, Corruption, and Bioweapons

Some of the things we are hearing in the official stories about Ebola just don’t add up. Here are the top 21 questions everyone should be asking about this pandemic.

1. The CDC asks us to trust them with these Ebola samples but why should we do that when they have proven that they don’t keep track of smallpox, anthrax, and avian flu samples?


Photo credit: naturalnews

2. Health authorities’ state there is zero risk from infection from the Ebola patients that are being transferred to the US. Why should we believe this when the very same hospitals are unable to control infections caused by superbugs? More than 75,000 people die from infections they pick up while at a hospital. If hospitals cannot control common infections such as VRE and MRSA, they how can they be trusted to handle Ebola patients?

3.  Why is Tekmira, the company who is currently working on the Ebola vaccine, receiving money from Monsanto? Tekmira claims Monsanto is their most important business partner. Why are these two very different companies doing business together?

4. Why are Ebola patients being moved to the USA when they could have been given the same state of the art medical care where they were? By bringing these patients into the USA they are violation the first rule of contagion: isolate infected patients.

5. If Ebola is not a threat, then why did the Department of Defense send equipment capable of detecting Ebola to all 50 states?

6. The Federal government continues to state that Ebola is not a threat to citizens, but if this is the case, why has the Department of Defense spend more than 140 million dollars on an Ebola related contract with the Tekmira Corporation?

7. If Ebola is not a threat, then why has President Obama signed a new executive order that authorizes government officials to arrest and quarantine Americans who show possible symptoms of respiratory infection?

8. Ebola patients appear to be healthy until the disease has progressed dramatically and their death is imminent. So how are doctors and health care workers supposed to identify those infected with Ebola?

9. Why should we trust our government to tell us the truth about this deadly virus when they have repeatedly lied to us about Swine flu, border security, the radiation threat from Fukushima, flu vaccines, and, well, just about everything?

10. The doctors here in the US claim that they are going to be incredibly careful when dealing with Ebola, so it’s escape from the quarantine rooms at Emory University is possible. Then how did the American doctors, who were treating Ebola patients in Africa, contact this virus in the first place? Weren’t they being careful?

11.  Why do the doctors who are treating Ebola patients always wear face masks if this disease is not spread through the air?

12. Why don’t US health officials reveal the true number of possible Ebola victims that are in hospitals and are being tested for Ebola? Is it to avoid hysteria and a panic that they don’t reveal the details about the number of suspected Ebola patients to the general public?

13. If our hospitals are so good at controlling the spread of infection, then why do so many SARS victims become infected simply while sitting in waiting rooms in hospitals? 77 percent of the people who became infected with SARS contacted it while working, visiting, or being treated at local hospitals.

14. Since it’s already common knowledge that some of the most powerful people in the US advocate a reduction in the population ( Bill Gates, Ted Turner, to name a few) is this Ebola outbreak merely a staged attempt at population reduction by those who place no value on human life and hope to rapidly cut the population?

15. Should Ebola escape from Emory University and infect the general public, do you think we might someday be told the truth about it? Or are we going to be fed another story about how “terrorists” were involved in its release?

16. Who would benefit from an Ebola outbreak here in the US? This is perhaps one of the most important questions we should be asking. The answers are fairly obvious: the CDC, big pharmacy companies, vaccine manufacturers, and anyone in government who is looking for a reason to declare a police state and round up people for quarantine, those who are interested in decreasing the “surplus” population.

17.  US health authorities insist that Ebola infections are very easy to control. If this is true, then why are the victims of this disease being dumped into the streets of West Africa? The relatives of Ebola victims defied the Liberian government orders for quarantine and have openly dumped infected bodies out into the streets.

18. Why do most of the people in Sierra Leone believe that this outbreak was deliberately caused by their own government? Ebola is new to Sierra Leone, and when the first cases were seen, many people believed that this was the government’s way of dealing with certain tribal disputes, or that the stealing of organs was involved, or that their governments were interested in obtaining money from international organizations who wanted to “help”.

19. Since the government of the United States has already funded what might be considered outrageous medical experiments on both foreigners and on its own citizens, why should we not believe that our own government is perfectly capable of deploying Ebola in a type of “bioweapons experiment” in West Africa?

20. Since many vaccines “accidentally” because the very disease that they are trying to prevent, isn’t it possible that these very same vaccines might actually cause an Ebola infection in at least a small percentage of those who receive them? Why should we trust any vaccine when their manufacturers have been given complete immunity from any side effects, faulty products, accidental infection, or any problems they might have with quality control?

21. Why should we trust a system that puts deadly mercury into our flu vaccines, refuses to recommend vitamin D supplements to cancer patients, and has been corrupted to the point where pharmaceutical companies are regularly charged with felonies for crimes such as price fixing and bribery?

Source: Naturalnews.com