Proof We are being Sprayed with Toxins Via Chemtrails

Almost every minute of every day, the citizens of America are being doused with heavy metal toxic lead as it is burned in the fuel that powers aircrafts. More than 571 tons of lead is being poured over our heads every year from airplanes alone. This is not fiction, this is a fact taken from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

A scientific paper that is titled, “Lead and Halogen Contamination from Aviation Fuel Additives at Brackett Airfield”, says that x-ray fluorescent instrumentation was used to analyze the chlorine, lead, and bromine content in aviation fuels. These tests revealed that aviation fuel (also called avgas) contains the following items:

Chlorine: 605.2 ppm (parts per million)

Bromine: 42.6 ppm

Lead: 48 ppm


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Lead is an extremely toxic heavy metal that can cause cancer, brain damage, and various bone diseases. Chlorine is a chemical that is highly reactive and has very strong oxidative compounds. These toxins are being sprayed over our heads every single day! It’s outrageous as well as inexcusable!

Just how much lead is being chemtrailed across the United States? General Aviation News states that approximately 681,000 gallons of aviation fuel are burned every single day. Calculating that aviation fuel weighs about 6 pounds per gallon, this means that more than 4 million pounds of avgas is being burned every day (or about 1.8 million kilos)

Now if the lead count in aviation fuel is 48 parts per million, then each kilogram of avgas has about 48mg of lead. Multiply that by the 1.8 million kilos of aviation fuel burned each and every day, and then this would mean aviation fuel is putting 86.4 kilos of lead every single day directly into the air. This means lead that is falling over our children’s playgrounds, farm land, lakes, rivers, forests, and oceans.

Our estimates are conservative. The National Emissions Inventory states that lead emissions in the US put 964 tons of lead into the air in 2008. That is the most recent figure available.

Many pilots simply dismiss the problem. They care more about enjoying their flying time than they do about the health of the nation. Many small aircraft pilots live in fear of the lead free fuels that might cause a rise in price so dramatic that they will no longer be able to afford to fly. Although these pilots are quite aware of the public health hazard leaded fuels cause, they believe that their individual plane isn’t the problem. True, one 180HP aircraft is not much of a factor, however, if you combine all the piston driven planes that are flown in this country, the problem becomes quite clear. Emissions from aviation fuels are the main source of lead in the skies over America, second is emissions by “industry”, with coal fueled power plants taking 3rd place.

So where does all this lead go? Unfortunately, most of it appears in our food supply, of course, because plants tend to absorb lead from the soil. Grazing animals then eat and concentrate these toxins from the plants. This is why you find high levels of heavy metals in milk or meat, rather than in the raw grass itself.

One can only hope that someday, we will find better ways to fly than to continue to burn unleaded gas. Perhaps one day we will find a way to utilize electric or possibly even solar powered airplanes. Those seem like an impossible dream right now, but remember that less than 100 years ago, space travel seemed impossible as well.

As you think about these facts, remember that we used to add lead to regular gas, the kind we use in our cars and lawnmowers, not that long ago. Lead is a lubricant that helped engines to run better while improving gas mileage. However, it also resulted in millions and millions of pounds of lead being dumped into our environment. This caused a huge contamination of our soils and air. The IQ’s of America’s children also dropped noticeably during those years. Once lead was removed from gasoline, IQ’s began to improve once again. Today it is illegal in America to add lead to gasoline or to burn it in cars or trucks.

However, it’s still legal to burn it in the fuel used in airplanes. This is one of the few places where you still find leaded gasoline, which now makes avgas as the single largest source of lead emissions in our country.

Lead is a well-known, and a well-documented neurotoxicant that is especially harmful to our nation’s children, who are exposed when they inhale or ingest dust that contains lead. Recently, there has been serious harm done to the cognitive and behavioral functions including attention span, intelligence, and motor skills, in children with far lower levels of lead exposure in their blood than was previously thought to cause harm. Everyone understands that there is no safe level of lead exposure.

What’s become perfectly clear in all this is that, as long as we continue to burn lead in aviation fuels, and then we are going to continue to suffer the health effects here on the ground. The academic achievements of American children are often overshadowed by the children of China, Korea, and India. It seems ridiculous to continue to allow the skies over our children to be dumped full of brain damaging lead. Whatever we dump into our skies eventually falls onto the earth, and this will eventually end up in our food and water supplies. Sooner or later, the practice of allowing lead fuels in airplanes means that we will all be eating lead right from our dinner table, simply so some people can enjoy their time flying aircrafts.

If you look at the big picture, it’s true; this isn’t the biggest problem on our plates. Our nation’s vulnerability to EMP weaponry is a far greater threat to all of us than lead in airplane fuel.

In an age when war appears to be breaking out all over the Middle East, where the world’s banking systems seem always to be right on the brink of collapse, it can be difficult for society to pay attention to the more subtle, even if it is a chronic problem, things like lead in avgas. However, this is a problem that can be solved by simply making a phased switch to using unleaded fuels. Some stronger leadership by those heading the EPA and the FAA can work together on this problem and get the lead out!

Are we asking too much? Is it too much to ask that we stop being poisoned from above?



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