3 Natural And Traditional Remedies For Depression

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2. Saffron

Made from the dried stigma of a flower native to southwestern Asia, saffron is one of the most highly sought-after and expensive spices in the world. It has a subtle flavor and is used in numerous dishes in Indian, Iranian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. In traditional Persian (Iranian) folk medicine, saffron has also been used as a natural mood enhancer and remedy for depression. A 2007 study showed that supplementation with saffron was as effective as Prozac for improving the symptoms of depression outpatients. Another study also showed that patients talking saffron scored better on the Hamilton Depression Scale than patients taking imipramine, a conventional medication.


3. Turmeric

A key ingredient in curry and other staple items of Indian cuisine, turmeric has long been prized for medicinal use as well, and is particularly renowned for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. A study on 56 participants with major depressive disorder (MDD) recently made the news when it was revealed to be as effective at improving symptoms as a conventional treatment. More research needs to be done, but these are encouraging findings for those looking for alternative treatments for MDD.


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Now it isIt’s important to keep in mind that depression can be very serious, and one should never attempt to treat it based solely on an article they read online. If you’ areve been diagnosed with depression and/or are taking antidepressant medication, speak with your doctor! As mentioned above, any supplement, natural or otherwise, which alters your neurochemistry has the potential to interact with antidepressant drugs in potentially dangerous ways. Always seek professional medical guidance when considering taking any type of supplement or drug to treat depression.




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