30 Creative Ways to Recycle One Thing That Will Knock Your Socks Off!

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

11. Storage

Old socks can be used to store all types of small things and not take up drawer space such as golf balls, kids toys, tennis balls — almost anything that tends to get lost or that you don’t have enough room to store.


12.  Door Draft Stopper

Cut the toe off  a few socks and sew several together, or simply individual socks to stop drafts and bugs from coming in under the door. Fill a sock (or several socks) with rice or sand, and sew closed. Instant draft stopper!


13.  Forget the Car Wash

Use old socks to wash, dry and wax the car! Tell your kids it’s good for them!


14. Create Unique Boot Socks

Boot socks are all the rage! Cut the foot off of a pretty pair of thick socks and scrunch up the outsides over the top of your boots so that it appears that you are wearing  long boot socks but aren’t. You can change the socks to go with any outfit or holiday!


15.  Quilts

If you like making patchwork quilts, cut the good parts of socks into patches and add them to your quilt.

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