5 Common Poisons in Everyday Prepackaged Foods

dangerous food additives

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Prepackaged foods are a major convince for modern life. You might think that you are safe because you read food labels, but there are so many things that food labels either don’t tell you or try to hide by using other words that you may not be familiar with.

You most likely believe that most prepackaged foods are safe to eat, but nothing could be further from the truth! Even if the food is safe, frequently the packaging is filled with toxic chemicals that leak out and get transferred into your food. Here is a list of the top 5 offenders you should avoid, which make up an almost unbelievable 70 per cent of our diet.

1. Food Dyes

Food dyes are found in almost every food you can imagine. If it’s packaged, it most likely contains one of the following dyes: blue1 or 2, green3, yellow 6, and red 3. All of the above dyes have numerous research studies proving that they are the cause of kidney problems, cancer of the bladder, thyroid disorders and many others.

Dyes can also be the underlying cause of ADHD and other behavior problems in children, promoting the European Union to ban foods that include these dangerous dyes.

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