5 Dangerous Foods That Really Aren’t

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

2. Coconut Oil

Although coconut oil is currently all the rage, if you are old enough, you might remember that fast food places and restaurants used to use coconut oil. But when it was discovered that this oil was 90 percent saturated fat, this natural food was also demonized. Remember the signs out front of many restaurants proclaiming that “We Only Use Wholesome Vegetable Oil.” Wow, was that ever a mistake.

Coconut oil is a very unique type of fat, with about 90 percent of it being saturated fat, but in a different form. The fat in coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride or MCT. These kinds of fats are metabolized by the body differently than the longer chain fats, which go right to our livers. They are then used for energy, or turned into ketones. The fats from coconut oil are a more immediate sources of energy. Also, half of the fatty acids in this natural oil are lauric acid, which are known to be highly efficient killers of pathogens in the body.

One study showed that when overweight women consumed coconut oil, they increased their levels of “good” cholesterol and lowered their bad cholesterol levels. Try doing that with canola oil!

The fats in coconut oil can also help you to lose weight. As we mentioned earlier, the body metabolizes these fats in a different manner, leading to an increase in the expenditure of energy. Studies have shown that replacing longer chain fats, such as canola or corn oil, with coconut oil can improve feelings of satiety and reduce food consumption overall.

For best results, always buy coconut oil in its most natural form, which is virgin coconut oil.

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