7 Essential Oils You Should Never Be Without

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4. Lavender

Is there anything sweeter than the scent of lavender? This scent is well known for its soothing effect on both mind and body. It relaxes and calms the nervous system, and relieves headaches, migraines, and often lulling insomniacs to sleep. This is the oil you will want to use when you have had a super stressful day and your shoulders and neck are tight with frustration. Mix some lavender essential oil with a carrier oil and massage away the stress and tight muscles. You can also add some to a hot bath for a relaxing soak. Lavender also has antibacterial compounds, so it can also be used to heal burns, acne, skin wounds, and itchy bug bites. Lavender can also help with dandruff, as well as other types of skin problems. If you like making your own deodorant and soaps, don’t forget to add some sweet-smelling lavender oil to your homemade air fresheners and personal care products.


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5. Eucalyptus

There is perhaps nothing better for clogged sinuses or respiratory infections than eucalyptus oil. You will find eucalyptus oil as the main ingredient in many soaps and inhalers that are meant to clear the respiratory system. This oil will thin mucus and works as an expectorant, which means that this is the oil to turn to when you have a cold, sinus infection, runny nose, or congestion due to allergies. Eucalyptus oil is a terrific disinfectant and antiseptic, so you can add some to a bucket of water and have a natural, non-toxic means of cleaning just about anything in your home. You can also add some eucalyptus oil to your favorite massage oil to ease the aches and pains of overworked or sore muscles. Eucalyptus oil stimulates and energizes the mind while keeping the sinuses clear, which makes breathing easy.


6. Citrus Scents

These include lime, lemon, grapefruit, orange, and tangerine. Citrus essential oils are antiseptic and astringent and are believed to stimulate the immune system. These scents uplift the spirit and are considered to be cleansing. If you decide to use these topically, keep in mind that they make many people more sensitive to the sun. Tangerine is known to be a great tonic for the digestive system. Add one drop to a glass of water, and drink three glasses max each day. Orange also improves digestion and is high in antioxidants. Grapefruit oil is super detoxifying and energizing, and lemon is known to stimulate the immune system by encouraging the production of white blood cells.


7. Frankincense

This sweet-smelling oil comes to from trees commonly found in Arabia and Africa. Frankincense is known for its anti-inflammatory compounds and is often used to treat digestive problems, skin issues, and asthma. Some studies have even found that it is very effective against cancer cells in in vitro studies. Many people claim that frankincense can balance hormones and help thyroid function.

You can do so much with natural essential oils. Use them in place of the synthetic and toxic air fresheners and candles. You can make your own cleaning products by mixing essential oils with vinegar or baking soda, and save a fortune on cleaning products, not to mention saving your health from the toxic chemicals contained in cleaning agents. You can use essential oils to make homemade laundry detergent and fabric softeners. There is almost no end to the ways you can use essential oils. If you haven’t used them, why not try them today?






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