7 Reasons To Think Japanese And Remove Your Shoes At The Door (#1 – OMG!)

Light Step Barefoot

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6. Think Health and Comfort

No matter how comfortable your shoes might be to you, your feet will be happier when you change your shoes for slippers, socks, or just plain old bare feet for a few hours each night. If you have a foot problem where you need the support of shoes, there are places that sell house slippers that have the necessary support. Your feet will be able to get some fresh air, your toes will be free to wiggle about, and removing your shoes will become a signal to your body to relax. Studies have shown that children who go barefoot on a regular basis not only have fewer cases of flat feet, but they have stronger feet and a much lower chance of developing deformities of the feet. Going barefoot or wearing slippers is a great chance for your feet to get some much needed exercise.


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7. If You Live in an Apartment Complex

For those of you who live in a multi-story apartment or condominium complex, the neighbors below you will be so grateful to not hear that constant clop clop clop or tic tic tic of your shoes on the ceiling above them. Imagine how nice it would be if the neighbors who live above you were to be more like the Japanese and give everyone a break from the noise pollution of shoes.

It really is easier than you might think, even if you don’t much care for going barefoot. House slippers will make it feel as if you still have on shoes. Be sure that you save those for indoor wear only! You can also wear slipper socks, moccasins, or plain old socks if you suffer from cold feet. Put a shoe rack or a pair of baskets by the entryway. One is to be used for outdoor shoes, the other only for inside shoes or house slippers.

Let’s not forget about guests. Although you might feel comfortable kicking off your shoes, you might feel very uncomfortable asking your guests to do so. This is easily solved by keeping some inexpensive house slippers for the occasional guest. For regular friends or other regular visitors, such as your mother-in-law or your best friend, ask them to bring a regular pair of slippers that they can leave at your home, or consider buying them a pair as a gift and have their name embroidered on them so they aren’t worn by others.





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