7 Reasons You Should be Doing Box Jumps Everyday

For most of us, after we get to be about 10 years old or so, no matter how athletic we think we are, we really don’t do a lot of jumping. (OK, basketball stars excluded) Think about it, most of us run, maybe bounce back and forth or up and down on the balls of our feet, but chances are that our entire feet never really leave the floor.

However, that is most likely all about to change. Once you discover box jumps, you are going to be hooked. Jumping is going to be fun once again, so much so that you might even make your own fitness box.

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

Begin by doing about 10 minutes of low intensity cardio, such as brisk walking, and be sure your muscles are warm and ready to get a real workout.

You might want to start doing by doing about 10 jumps. Stand in front of whatever it is you intend to jump on, such as a step or a block. With your hands in front of you ( think of a boxers hands and arms) and your feet about shoulder width apart, jump up onto the box or step. Stay on the step for only one second, them jump back down.

After you get some strength, you will want to try to do 3 sets of 15 reps. Start off small and add height as you gain strength and master the jump. It’s easier to do than it sounds!

Check out these 7 reasons you should be doing box jumps every day.


1.  They’re Fun!

Really, they are! Once you get over your initial fear that you are going to fall, you will find that these are one of the most fun exercises you have ever done. It’s going to remind you of when you were a kid and jumping around was something you did just because it felt good.


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2.  You don’t need any equipment

If you don’t want to buy more exercise equipment and you don’t feel like you can make your own or if you don’t have access to one at your local gym, don’t worry. You don’t really need a box to do box jumps. Just find some stairs or a bench, even a table might work if you’re really, really good at this. Find something stable and start jumpin’.


3. They will give you super strong legs

Box jumping increases your muscle tone and your strength, both upper body and lower body like you will not believe! Box jumps should make you jump high enough that you are forced to use every single muscle in your legs, not to mention your arms, are you jump, and therefore propel, yourself upwards.

Yes, unless you are a marathon runner, you will probably be sore after your first few sessions, but don’t worry. Faster than you can say Box Jumps, your legs will gain strength and that soreness will be a thing of the past. Find out also how to get sexy strong abs without crunches and sit ups.


4. They prepare you for all other types of sports

If you like to play basketball or soccer or love to dance, no matter what your game is box jumps can help you do better. Box jumps will dramatically improve your endurance, speed, balance, as well as your ability to do an incredible vertical jump. That will help you to excel in any other activity you want to do.


5. These blast calories and burn fat

Walking burns about 200 to 300 calories per hour. Compare that to box jumps, which can burn between 800 to 1,000 calories per hour! Talk about a calorie blast!  Also, high intensity exercises, such as box jumping, stimulates changes in your mitochondria (the place where fuel, by fuel we mean fat, is converted into energy) so your body retrains itself to burn fat before it burns carbs. This means that box jumping is the perfect exercise for those who are looking to lose weight.


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6. Keep yourself balanced in later years

If you aren’t looking forward to losing your balance, taking a spill, and breaking your hip then start doing box jumps today! Box jumps help you to keep your sense of balance sharp so they can help protect you from a fall, while they keep your bones strong and healthy, so chances are you won’t be breaking any bones if you should fall while playing shuffleboard.


7.  They make you look like a gym master

This just might be the best reason of all, right? Ok, even if you can’t jump as high as some of the guys in the gym, being able to jump high repeatedly is right up there with having a hot date. Or a brand new iPhone. Or a pug dog puppy. Ok, maybe not badass, but pretty impressive nonetheless, and you’ll get plenty of attention. Especially if you teach that pug to do box jumping too.