7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Love

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Isn’t being in love just the best feeling ever? Those butterflies in your tummy? That burning desire to see your belle or beau every second of the day? Well, as it turns out love doesn’t just feel good, but it does good too. Take a look at the list we’ve compiled of the top most surprising health benefits of love.


1. Less stress

Yes, the power of love comes with free stress relief! That’s because when you’re in love you have someone to share your thoughts with, someone to calm you down when you’re angry, share your humour and talk through your worries with. All of these factors contribute to a healthy, calm state of mind and quite simply relieve stress by making you feel like you don’t have to take all of life’s burdens on your own. Not only that, but a happy relationship with a loving partner means that any stressful situations that you encounter in life do not have to be tackled on your own. And, like the saying goes, “A problem shared is a problem halved.”


2. Healthier heart 

The heart has long been associated with the ups and downs of love, and it’s said that both humans and animals can actually die from a broken heart caused by losing a loved one. Conversely, being in love in a happy relationship certainly carries benefits for this key organ. Firstly, spending time with a loved one has been proven to lower blood pressure, which in turn means a healthier heart. This is similar to the de-stressing effect that love brings by having that constant emotional support from a significant other. This effect has also been said to apply to spending time with good friends and family members who you feel very comfortable with.

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