7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Love

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6. A greater sense of calm

Spending quality time with your partner instils a sense of calm in your body. The bond that you share means it doesn’t matter if you sit in silence sometimes because you don’t necessarily need to talk constantly. You’re just happy to be in each other’s company which relaxes your body and mind.


7. Boosted immune system

Because love reduces our stress levels, it also makes sense that it boosts our immune system as well! Lower stress means your body can fight back more effectively against bacteria and viruses and feeling more relaxed supports your microbiome by making it harder for bacteria that could harm friendly flora to enter your gut. Not only that, but by frequently kissing your partner you’re exchanging lots of friendly flora which is key in boosting your immune system – so get smooching!


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So, there you have it, being in love is not only the best feeling in the world but also brings a range of health benefits to your body. These are mainly linked to improve cardiovascular health and a calmer mind thanks to all those happy hormones but being in love can also encourage you to take care of yourself more and make healthier everyday choices. Love is in the air!




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