7 Top Tips For Banishing Hiccups (You’ll Surely Need To Use One Of These Sometime!)

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Hiccups are definitely up there on the list of the most annoying and inconvenient phenomenon known to man. What’s worse is that they always start just when you really don’t need them, right?! Like when you’re about to say something particularly important or crack the amazing punchline to your favorite joke. It can feel like hiccups are impossible to get rid of and we all know that the classic ‘have-someone-scare-you tactic’ sadly doesn’t cut it. But are there really any remedies to stop these most annoying muscle spasms?

Hiccups happen when the diaphragm (the muscle just below the lungs) becomes irritated and starts to contract irregularly; forcing you to inhale, but your breath becomes blocked in your windpipe, causing that classic ‘hiccup’ sound. Well read on, and we’ll explore the most tried-and-tested ways to stop hiccups in their tracks.


1. Hold your breath

This one may seem like an old wives’ tale but trust us, it works. Holding your breath for as long as you can increases the level of carbon dioxide in your blood, which in turn kicks in your body’s reaction to breathe and exhale the CO2 while inhaling oxygen. It may not work instantly but doing this for several breath cycles will stop your diaphragm from contracting, halting the hiccups in their tracks. Some think that the build-up of CO2 distracts your body, focusing your efforts instead on taking a deep breath of oxygen. But as long as it works, we’re happy!


2. Ice, Ice Baby

First, find your Adam’s apple – ladies yours is about 2 inches below your chin. Then, take an ice pack or bag of ice cubes (or frozen peas ‘cause hey, that’ll work too) and press it just to the side of your Adam’s apple. This method works because the freezing cold of the ice blocks the pathways which carry nerve signals that cause hiccups. You can even increase the effectiveness by also applying a cold press to the back of your neck – just find the bony bit right at the top of your spine and apply the ice at the same time as you apply it to your Adam’s apple. If you don’t have anything really cold on hand then just sipping on ice cold water can also do the trick. A chilly solution but worth it to get rid of those pesky hiccups!


3. Sweeten yourself up

Slightly more pleasant than the previous remedy, for this one all you’ll need is some granulated sugar (brown is preferable if you’ve got it for, ya know, health reasons and all that). Take a spoonful of the sugar and slowly swallow it. And how on earth does this even work?! – I hear you ask. Well, the sugar stimulates what’s known as the vagus nerve which is linked to the heart, lungs, and digestive tract.  Stimulating it in this way makes your body totally forget about the hiccups. Sweet!


4. Don’t get bitter about it

Time for something a little less appetizing. Grab yourself some apple cider vinegar and/or a lemon and get ready for your taste buds to hate you. By swallowing a teaspoon of vinegar or biting on a lemon (salivating at the thought, right?) you can banish your hiccups in literally seconds. It’s not quite clear how this remedy actually stops hiccups but who cares, as long as it works!

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