7 Top Tips For Banishing Hiccups (You’ll Surely Need To Use One Of These Sometime!)

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5. Grab a brown bag

If you’re lucky enough to have a brown bag on hand right when the hiccups strike, then you’ve hit the jackpot. Take it, hold it over your mouth and breathe slowly and deeply into it (stopping, of course, if you feel lightheaded!). Just like the first remedy this one works by increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the body and so giving your body something else to think about. It also encourages the diaphragm to contract more deeply, stopping the irregular spasms which cause the hiccups.


6. Paper towels work too

Again, similar to remedies 5 and 1, this tip works using your breath. So, take a paper towel and place it over a glass of water, then, start drinking the water through the paper towel. You’ll notice that this requires more suction to pull the water through the towel, forcing your lungs and diaphragm to work harder and stopping the muscle spasms responsible for hiccups.


7. Whip out the yoga mat

Yoga is known to be a truly effective tool in calming the mind and body. But did you know it’ll cure hiccups as well? By slowly stretching and using the deep inhale/exhale yoga breathing techniques, you’ll soothe and calm the body and stop the diaphragm from contracting. Not only that but you give yourself a nice little limbering up session at the same time!


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So, there you have it, seven of the top ways to banish the hiccups. More long-term solutions to stop the hiccups occurring are just as easy to perform. These include not eating or drinking at speed, chewing your food properly, and eating in moderation (all of which are good for your waistline, too!). Also try slowing down when speaking to someone and remaining calm as anxiety and stressful situations have also been linked to the occurrence of hiccups.




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