8 Diseases That Could Stem From A Lack Of Sleep (#6 Comes Out To Be The Least Expected)

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

2. Diabetes

With fatty acids being the main hindrance to your metabolism’s speed as well as to the healthy regulation of your blood sugar levels, it was found that these acids build up when you do not have enough sleep. Higher amounts of fatty acids provided a higher level of resistance to insulin. This combined with a slower metabolism were prime causes for obesity which was a lead-in for type 2 diabetes.


3. Weight problems

Many sleep studies showed that people who slept fewer than six hours each night had a body mass index, or BMI, that was higher than normal. Those who got in a good eight hours of sleep each night had BMIs that were lower than the average. If a person has problems sleeping, they may overeat as a result of being tired, and don’t have energy to exercise regularly, the chances of becoming obese are much greater.

In addition, when we sleep we produce hormones that regulate our metabolism, processing of glucose, and keep our appetite under control. If we don’t have enough sleep these hormones become out of balance. Too little sleep also leads to an excess of cortisol, which has been called the stress hormone, and higher levels of insulin. If insulin levels are out of whack they increase the storage of fat, are responsible for weight gain, and put you at a greater risk for diabetes.

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