8 Reasons We Get Bags Under Our Eyes

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

4. Lack of sleep

This is a bit of a Goldilocks situation: Not getting enough sleep will leave you with bags under your eyes but so will sleeping too much. Find the right number of hours to sleep that will make you feel rested and at your best so when you wake and you won’t have to endure deep dark bags under your eyes.


5. Getting older

As if getting older doesn’t bring enough uncomfortable changes, as you age the ligaments and muscles under your eyes are unable to properly hold the fat deposits under your eyes. Instead, they will begin to shift and you will develop puffy eyes and oftentimes fat will accumulate on your eyelids. In addition, the elastin and collagen levels begin to break down as you get older and that increases your chances of developing baggy eyes.


6. Losing weight too quickly

If you are overweight dropping a few pounds is usually a good thing. Dropping weight too fast could make you lose the nice lines you have in your face and make you appear to have a hollow appearance. This will also showcase newly developed bags under your eyes. Don’t be afraid to put a couple of pounds back on just to fill out your face so you can lose those bags.

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