8 Secrets For A Happier, Healthier Life

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

While cynics may scoff at the idea, the fact is that your mental and emotional state can affect your health in significant ways. Chronic stress and unhappiness can strain your immune system, and take a toll on your health over time. People who have a positive, optimistic outlook on life generally live longer and healthier. We’ve compiled the list of 8 traits, attitudes, and behaviors of happy people so you can apply them to your own life. Keep reading!


1. Choose to be happy

This might seem hard to understand, but it really is true. Your mindset is a choice. You choose your friends, the type of media you consume, and your overall outlook on life. Your mind is the only thing in life that is ever totally in your control. Don’t relinquish this power. When you do, you are effectively drifting through life on autopilot, simply reacting to the world instead of being proactive and contributing to it. People who take ownership of their emotions understand that this is a key part of maintaining a positive outlook on life. This is the bedrock that the other steps are built on.

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