9 Ways Bad Moods Can Be Good For You!

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4. Creates better communication

It was discovered that people who were in a bad mood were much more attentive and expressed more detailed thinking which improved their level of communication. The sad people provided much more persuasive and effective reasoning to convince other people. They were able to understand sentences that were ambiguous more than those who were in a happy mood.


5. Better sense of fairness

An experiment was set up between two types of people – those who were happy and those who were in a bad mood or sad. Those who were involved in the experiment had the choice of two different games. One game was called the dictator game and the other was the ultimatum game. With the dictator game, you were given $10 and were able to divvy up the money whichever way you wanted to between the other player and yourself. In the other game, you are again able to share the $10 any way you want, but if the other person did not accept your offer then neither person got any money. The experiment showed that those who were sad were more generous when dividing the money and the people who were happy were less generous and were self-centered.


6. Increases your creativity

People who were in a bad mood or sad were found to be more compassionate, empathetic, and showed a higher level of sensibility both morally and aesthetically. Their attitudes were a definite catalyst that generated artistic creativity.

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