A Dozen Ways To Strengthen Your Bones Naturally

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3. Increase your intake of calcium and vitamin D

Calcium is a mineral that is needed for the most effective expansion of bones and teeth. Calcium works hand-in-hand with vitamin D. The two of them work together so the body can best make use of the calcium to boost the bones. For foods rich in calcium, try including more cheese, yogurt, milk, collard greens and spinach to your diet. For vitamin D you need to be out in the day light and eat more sardines, tuna, shrimp, eggs, and orange juice.


4. Develop a strength training exercise program

Any type of exercise that falls into the resistance field will help you to increase your muscles and helps to strengthen your bones. Choose from using free weights, exercise bands, and resistance machines that you can find at a gym, and wrist weights. Develop an exercise plan that includes walking and resistance training and make it a daily goal.


5. Drink less alcohol and caffeine

We won’t talk you into giving up coffee or alcohol. You just have to cut down on your consumption of them. If you take in too much caffeine you will put your chances of absorbing calcium in danger. A study showed that taking in over 18 ounces of caffeine each day increased the participant’s bone loss because it reacted negatively to vitamin D. It is the same with alcohol once it goes beyond a drink or two per day.


6. Stop smoking

Smoking is not good for your general health but it can also cause your body to retain its intake of calcium which as a result reduces your bone mass.

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