A Full Guide To Taking Care Of Your Breasts

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Most women don’t think about the health of their breasts much – other than a sudden state of panic around 40 when they realize they have to start doing mammograms, most women, unfortunately, don’t think about their breasts on a daily basis. Unlike their faces, legs, or almost any other part of a woman’s body, the breasts seem to be overlooked because most women don’t think there’s much to do there anyways. The breasts are an integral part of a woman’s body though, one part that makes women uniquely women, sexy, feminine, and is part of a mother’s role.

So what exactly do women need to do to take care of their breasts on a daily basis? There are a few things that can be done to take care of their breasts from the inside and from the skin surface as well. It might seem like these actions wouldn’t make a difference, but in a few weeks the changes will become noticeable. There are a myriad of things that can be done including taking vitamins, exercise, and skin treatments as well. For a complete list of how to take care of breasts, read the list below.


Exercise For Shape

One of the most important things for a woman’s breasts is to be in the right shape and be sitting properly. Breasts are attached only by ligaments and fibrous tissue so the muscles must be exercised well for the breasts to sit without sagging. Making push-ups and inclined chest presses as well as other kinds of chest exercises part of a daily, or at least weekly, routine is very important for keeping the ligaments from stretching out.

Unfortunately, no amount of exercise will perk up already sagging breasts, but staying in shape from the get-go will help to keep your breasts from sagging in the first place as well as maintaining the breast shape. Just as pectoral muscles are made more prominent in men with exercise, women can achieve the same effect for their breasts. Also, the size of women’s breasts will be increased or decreased through weight changes. Increases in weight will stretch the skin on the breasts though which might not always ‘snap’ back into place once the weight is lost again. This results in sagging skin on the breasts which in turn can make the breasts appear as sagging when they might not in fact be. Therefore, the best practice is to keep a steady weight as to not cause excessive breast changes.


Nutrition From The Inside

Breasts don’t only need to be maintained from the outside but also from the inside which means taking supplements to create an environment that is beneficial to the tissue of the breasts. Vitamins B6, E and primrose oil taken internally can all be very helpful to the breasts on a woman’s body. These supplements may even help to alleviate soreness and bumps caused by fibrocystic breast disease. Vitamin B6 has been shown in studies to even help fight against breast cancer and works even better in conjunction with folate and Vitamin B12. Studies found that women with high levels of Vitamin B6 have a 30% less chance of developing breast cancer.

Vitamin E is a wonderful anti-oxidant that also acts as a cancer preventative and is a great boost to the body overall. Because women have a 1 in 8 chance of getting breast cancer in the United States, one of the most prevalent of cancers among women,  it is very important to take all the measure one can against the cancer.

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