A Full Guide To Taking Care Of Your Breasts

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Protecting The Skin

The skin covering the breasts is some of the thinnest on the body – it sits very close to the sternum and is very sensitive when it comes to sunlight. That’s why it is very important for women to apply sunscreen not only to their faces but also to their décolletage areas. Doing so will protect the skin there and keep it from getting sun damage. Specialists suggest using a product with SPF of at least 60 and to apply it before getting dressed to minimize the risk of missing areas because your clothes are in the way. On that note, simply covering up will not always guarantee that the skin around the breasts won’t be affected by the sun so always make sure to take precautions.

Moisturizer is also important in that area of the body as the thin, crepey skin can become dry and flaky quickly. Using a thick moisturizer is important, look for a cream that has the consistency of night cream and apply it both night and morning. Also, a cream that has water-binding factors, such as one with cocoa butter, is important to use to keep the moisturize inside the skin.


Wear The Right Size

The last point to emphasize about keeping breasts in proper health is to wear the right size of bra. It’s estimated that almost 8 in 10 women are actually wearing the wrong bra size and it causes breasts to sag and not stay in shape. Because of how thinly the breasts are attached to the body, gravity plays a big role in how fast breasts start sagging. If the breasts don’t have the proper support, they will start sagging and will continue to do so until the bra is changed.

Make sure that straps are snug on a bra and that the band around the body is the proper size – it’s where most women go wrong and get the wrong size for their bodies. The bra should fit snugly when it is clasped on the first clasp and can be adjusted to the next clasps as it stretches a bit with time and wear. Sports bras should also fit snugly and should ideally have shaped and supported cups as breasts are at risk of taking the most damage during sports and exercise.


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Women seem to forget sometimes that breasts need extra care and attention as well. Unfortunately, this leads to many women having sagging and loose breast tissue. All can be remedied, and even reversed, with a few steps that any woman can take. Doing the proper exercise, taking some vitamins, wearing the right bra size and applying moisturizer and sunscreen to breasts will ensure they are properly taken care of. Having healthy, firm, and feminine breasts are every woman’s desire, so start doing what’s right for your breasts.




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