A Wine Without the Hangover: Should You Drink It?

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

This genetic engineering that is now rampant is based on naïve understanding of how genes work.  Researchers and scientists are creating mutation to find the function of a specific set of genes and tinkering with those genetics without a complete understanding of how those mutated genes will work once metabolized in the human body.

Foreign or mutated genes disrupt the DNA. These changes in the genes are not predictable and can cause alteration and massive changes within the body, possibly with multiple health related effects, and you can bet that most of those changes will not be good ones!

Even if just a few wineries decide to use this new GM yeast, it could affect the entire American market. These wines will not have to label themselves as containing GM yeast. The only way to avoid these types of GM wine would be to avoid any wine made in North America, except for those labeled as organic. Consumers in Europe are very aware of GMOs and will not purchase them, although many of them never have the opportunity, since GMO products are outlawed in many countries. The good news is that more and more American consumers are becoming aware of the dangers these GM products can cause and statistics show that most Americans would avoid them and support clear labeling laws.


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There is far too little known on the long term effects of these GM products to allow them to be introduced to the general public. Avoid all wines made in North America and avoid hangovers the natural way: don’t drink to excess.





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