Alkaline Water: Healthy or Hype?

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Your body is hard at work every second of the day doing things you don’t even know about, such as keeping the pH of your body at a specific level. Without you doing anything at all, your body keeps the pH level of your blood exactly where it needs to be, no matter what you eat or drink, your body will make the necessary adjustments to keep your blood at just the right pH. This process is called homeostasis. This means that, no matter how much alkaline water you drink, your blood pH will not change. Not now, not ever.

Oh, and those urine tests that they use to “prove” that the water is doing its job? Those aren’t what they seem, because your body lowers or raises the acid level in your urine as a way to regulate the pH of your body. Which really means that when you drink more alkaline water than your body really needs or wants – it simply pees it out. Gives a whole new meaning to “pissing your money down the drain,” now doesn’t it?

If you really want to drink some alkaline water, you don’t have to buy it. You don’t need one of those ionizers that make your water more alkaline. Simply add the juice from an organic lemon into some filtered water, and there you have it. Lemon is acidic in its fruit or juice form, but it is alkaline once inside the body. Read more about benefits of lemon water.

You can do a lot more towards keeping your body healthy simply be eating plenty of organic fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of pure water, and getting reasonable amounts of exercise and sleep, rather than try to manipulate your body’s natural systems.

If you really want to make an impact on your body using the water you drink, invest in a proper, whole house filtration system, rather than bother with the ionized crap some companies try to sell you. Drinking truly pure water; without heavy metals, without fluoride, and free from any type of impurities, will make a much larger difference to your body than all the ions in the world.


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