8 Amazing Bee Pollen Benefits To Improve Your Health

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We’re all familiar with the benefits of honey, but one of the newest “superfoods” to hit the market is bee pollen. You may think you know what it really is, but here are the facts to wow you:

    • Bee pollen comes from the seeds of the male flower.
    • Created at the base of the stamen in the middle of the blossom, bee pollen makes up from 50 to 1,000 corpuscles that are a millimeter in size.
    • They are needed to fertilize a plant.
    • This item consists of 40 percent protein and is what young bees eat.
    • It is highly nutritious and is known as one of nature’s most nourishing foods.
    • Pollen is one of the few natural foods that can’t be created synthetically in a lab.
    • It takes a bee one month, working eight hours a day, to generate a teaspoon of bee pollen.
    • Every pellet of bee pollen has more than two million grains of flower pollen, and a teaspoon has enough flower pollen to equal 2.5 billion grains.

Despite on wide variations in the composition, this natural honeybee product is a valuable source of energy and nourishing substances. A number of studies report about bee pollen benefits and therapeutic effects. Here is the list of properties to prove it can serve well for you as a valuable dietary supplement.

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