8 Amazing Bee Pollen Benefits To Improve Your Health

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1. Anticancer qualities.

Bee pollen has been found to fight cancer, and clinical studies continue to prove that pollen is effective in treating several different types of cancer. One clinical trial found that it was effective in keeping cancer cells in colon cancer to a minimum.


2. Helps with infertility.

There have been many studies that showed specific increments of bee pollen helped to stimulate the function of the ovaries. The pollen not only increased ovulation, but it was also able to protect the eggs and help them successfully make it through the incubation time frame.


3. Can alleviate allergies.

When bee pollen was given to clinical trial participants with allergies six weeks in advance of allergy season, it was found to be effective in treating the allergies. The pollen had to be used even after the season was over in order for it to be deemed a complete success.


4. Works to keep weight under control.

One of the amazing benefits of bee pollen is that it deals with a chemical imbalance related to metabolism. Such quality reveals itself by burning calories, and thanks to it the bee pollen has been labeled ‘Nature’s true weight-loss food.” It’s low in calories, and it is effective in not only dissolving fat, but flushing it from the body. Bee pollen reduces LDL cholesterol and increases HDL levels. It serves as an appetite suppressant and helps you to stay feeling full longer, which eliminates over-eating.


5. Builds strength.

The Sports Council in Britain revealed some impressive statistics when using bee pollen to improve the strength of their participants. The extra strength that they discovered in people taking the bee pollen was found to be as much as 50 percent higher than those who did not take the pollen. The performance in their athletes was documented as a 25 percent increase in stamina. German naturalist Francis Huber recognized all of the positive aspects of bee pollen with none of the damaging side effects. Huber was the one who named the pollen “the greatest body builder on Earth.”


6. Helps keep your heart and blood healthy.

In clinical trials on animals, bee pollen was found to stimulate the production of the red and white blood cells as well as maintain their activity level. When it was given to people who were anemic, their red blood cell levels were considerably raised. With its high content of rutin, an antioxidant, the bee pollen helps to prevent heart attacks because it strengthens the blood vessels and capillaries around the heart.


7. Strengthens immune system.

Romanian researchers performed clinical trials on the effects of bee pollen on the immune system. Those who participated found that they had an increase in several areas: Proteins, blood lymphocytes, and gamma globulins. Raised levels in their lymphocytes showed the highest increase. The lymphocytes are the kind of white blood cells that help the body get rid of bacteria, mutated cells, infections, and metabolic waste. The gamma globulin in the bee pollen also has a group of antibodies that keeps the body from getting diseases.


8. Improves your complexion.

In addition to its many health benefits, bee pollen can also keep you from aging. It makes your skin look younger because it increases your circulation and keeps your skin hydrated.


8. Effective antibiotic.

Bee pollen is recognized in other countries as a medicine because it is able to destroy some types of salmonella, a strong and dangerous bacteria.


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Ways you can add bee pollen to your daily regime.

Bee pollen can be a very healthy addition to your life. It consists of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. It is a great way to add B-complex vitamins into your body to increase your well-being and overall health.

Don’t heat the bee pollen though. You can put it into a coffee grinder to make it easier to use.

  • Add it to your cereal or yogurt
  • Add it to your favorite smoothie
  • Sprinkle it on a salad
  • Add to your breakfast toast over your favorite spread
  • Incorporate it into your bowl of popcorn
  • Combine it with homemade granola

With all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it offers, you can truly consider it a superfood. Make sure you find a way to add it to your diet on a daily basis to enjoy bee pollen benefits in full. Even just taking a teaspoon each day will protect you against a number of health conditions so you won’t have to be medicated for them in the future.






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