Antioxidants – 10 Myths Everyone Should Know

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8. Every antioxidant is derived from fruits and vegetables

The answer here is no. It is recognized that the whole plant kingdom is full of antioxidants, but that also includes seeds, grains, beans, and nuts. Plants in general have antioxidants so they don’t have to worry about UV rays or predators. Make sure you do not count on refined grains as your source because they have lost most of their antioxidant benefits. Steer towards eggs, meat, and dairy products.


9. All antioxidant foods that are fortified are good for you

This can be very misleading. When a product such as Cherry 7-Up is advertising its antioxidant benefits, it is only because it has a very small dose of vitamin E. Make sure you read the labels on what claims to be fortified foods to make sure that you really are receiving foods that will give you the benefits of antioxidants.


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10. Exercising and adding supplements to your diet will make you in top shape

This seems like it would make sense but it doesn’t really work this way. When you work out, your body will begin to oxidize more and produce extra free radicals which are perfectly fine. Many people will opt for more antioxidants to offset this, but when you take more antioxidants after you exercise you will ruin the benefits you receive from your workout. A study from Britain found that a group of runners who added vitamin C supplements of 1,000 mg each day actually had a drop in muscle strength. It is suggested that instead of adding supplements you find whole foods instead. Again, sometimes too much of a good thing does not make it better.


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