Are You Insane? How Lack of One Vitamin Can Make You Go Crazy!

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Are you crazy? Do you know someone who is? Seriously, do you know someone who is suffering from some form of mental illness, or severe depression?

Or are you a young woman that dreads her “time of the month” because she knows she has such severe moods swings that it is causing her problems at work or at home?  Do you have severe PMS?

This is no joke. The lack of one vitamin can cause all of these symptoms, and more.

Which vitamin has this much power? B vitamins. Yep, those little B vitamins. You know the ones: those water soluble vitamins you rarely find on someone’s kitchen counter, the ones no one gives a second thought to, but we should. These vitamins are so crucial to our metabolic process, it’s enough to make us crazy when we don’t get enough of them.

There are 8 B vitamins, and Mother Nature tries to make it easy on us by lumping several of them together in certain foods. These vitamins help change carbs into glucose and breakdown protein and fats in the body. Without B vitamins, we would not have fuel for our body. Without B vitamins, we cannot have proper neurotransmitter function. Without B vitamins, we could not have normal fetal development, nor would we have sufficient red blood cells.

In case you haven’t figured it out, B vitamins are necessary for every single function in the body. B vitamin deficiency shows itself in numerous ways; everything from fatigue to severe hormone fluctuation, psychosis and even death.

Get all the B vitamins you need by simply eating some of the following foods every week.

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