Beneficial Weeds You Must Know About

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2. Burdock

You know those little burs that stick to you sometimes when you’re walking through the woods or in a larger patch of nature? Those are the seeds of the burdock plant, and if you see those seeds, be on the lookout for the plant as well. This weed is pretty prevalent in Northern America and the root of this plant is what provides many nutritional benefits as well as being able to be used as medicine. For the root to be useful, the plant must still be relatively young as in its second year of growth all of the nutrients from the root go up into the plant and helping it grow. Look for plants low to the ground with very large leaves, veins radiating horizontally out from a middle vein. The leaves will also be white on the underside and have a soft and fuzzy feeling.

The root of the young burdock plant is very nutritious with a taste as a cross between a potato and a carrot. It is very high in starches and can be helpful in survival situations as it gives a tremendous boost to your energy. The root can also have oil extracted from it which has many medicinal uses. Burdock root oil can be used for helping to reverse hair loss and even for skincare. Poultices of the root can be used to treat minor wounds and cuts and a tea can be made from the seeds (the burs) to help lower fevers.

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