Benefits Of Bentonite Clay: They Go Well Beyond Skin Care Video

Although bentonite clay may not be as popular nowadays as it was centuries ago and throughout the history of the humankind, it remains a powerful tool for healing various health ailments.

So what is bentonite and why is it so good for our health? Bentonite is a kind of clay that is considered to be the most healing and beneficial for our health. It’s packed with nutrients and is be extremely powerful for detoxification.

Bentonite clay is commonly used in holistic skincare as a face mask or part of other beauty products. However, its benefits and possible uses go well beyond that.


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  1. Stella Smith

    Jan 29, 2018 at 6:20 pm

    This facial clay looks really great! I think it can give me good skin turgor for a very long time! I might even pair this with my Solvaderm skin care to make it more effective! thanks for this wonderful review