Detox CAN Be Hectic! (And There’s No Time Like The Present To Do It!)

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Any time is the perfect time to cleanse your body of excess waste and toxins that may be weighing you down and making you feel sluggish and heavy. If you are fatigued, bloated, and lacking energy, then there is no time like the present to start a full body detox.

You may be following a healthy eating plan and giving your body the nutrition it needs, but environmental issues can leave you feeling that a body cleanse might just be the cherry on the top for your health at the present moment.

In fact, a good herbal detox will restore your zest for life! Renew your overall health with a herbal detox.

There are many beneficial detoxifying herbs that help support the liver and kidneys as they flush waste from the body. Here are some of the most popular and effective herbs for body cleanses and detoxing.


1. Dandelion

The good thing about dandelion is that the flowers, roots, and leaves all support the health of the body. The leaves in particular have a diuretic action and flush the kidneys without draining potassium from the body. You can add flowers or leaves to a pot of boiling water and simmer for about 20 minutes for a sweet-tasting detox tea.


2. Stinging nettle

Dried nettle is one of the most potent detox herbs. It is especially useful for contributing to the detoxification of the urinary tract, and it supports the kidneys by eliminating waste. The best way to take this herb is to buy pre-packaged nettle leaf tea or capsules from a health food store.

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