Detox CAN Be Hectic! (And There’s No Time Like The Present To Do It!)

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3. Milk thistle

This herb is extremely well known for its ability to detoxify and pep up the liver, helping it to expel toxins and waste. It also has a diuretic factor that helps the kidneys eliminate waste. Milk thistle tea can be taken in conjunction with other herbal teas and ingredients, or it can be taken as a pure milk thistle tea. You can also opt for powdered milk thistle seeds to prepare the tea. Some folks prefer to take milk thistle in a daily capsule form.


4. Ground ivy

This herb, part of the mint family, is excellent at removing heavy metals like lead from the body. Ivy also doubles as a diuretic, helping to eliminate waste and toxins from the kidneys. As a food, ground ivy leaves, which cook down like spinach, make a flavorful addition to pies, soups, and salads.


5. Wormwood

This is a parasite-killing super herb, and a successful detox is dependent on harmful organisms being cleansed from the body. Fresh wormwood may be difficult to find in stores, but the dried variety is normally available. The best way to use this herb is in a tea. Add one teaspoon of fresh or dried wormwood to a cup of hot water, and allow it to draw for two to four minutes. Wormwood is a very bitter herb, and if you cannot take the taste of the tea, don’t despair. You can opt for a good standalone supplement that will still be an effective detox.

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