Detox CAN Be Hectic! (And There’s No Time Like The Present To Do It!)

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6. Cilantro

This pungent herb is most useful in clearing the body of toxic heavy metals, like mercury, which accumulate in the tissues. Cilantro is a very popular herb that is often discussed on TV cooking shows. The herb can be added to salads, stews, soups, and even to smoothies and freshly-squeezed juices.


7. Alfalfa leaf

This leaf has long been used to fight infections by eliminating harmful bacteria from the blood and is regarded as a five-star blood cleanser. The dried alfalfa leaf is available in health food shops as a herbal tea, in capsule form, and as a powder that can be added to foods. The seed is often sprouted and eaten in salads and sandwiches.


8. Eucalyptus

This superb herb is an outstanding lung cleanser, fighting bacteria and viruses with its expectorant properties. Eucalyptus is a tree native to Australia and has many health benefits. Tea made from ground leaves of this tree is an outstanding herbal remedy and detox agent.

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