Best 10 Herbs for the Relief of Menopause Symptoms


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3.  Mexican Wild Yam

A species of vine, Mexican Wild Yam (dioscorea villosa) grows throughout North America and acts as a precursor to estrogen and progesterone. This wild yam is able to balance your hormones, helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, and relieves cramps. An article published in the National Geographic in 1992 talks about how the indigenous people of one island had a high libido and that the women had few or no menopausal symptoms, and on the island these yams are a food staple. Read more in Wikipedia.


4. Soy

This is a natural source of estrogen and it has been well studied for its potential to relieve muscle pain as well as vaginal dryness. A 2009 study suggests that adding soy to the diet can be almost as effective as HRT. Just be aware of GMO soy.


5. Dong Quai

The root of dong quai (angelica sinensis) has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as a treatment for PMS, the regulation of periods, and the balancing of female hormones. Vitro testing shows that dong quai has compounds that can also help alleviate menopause symptoms. Dong quai is available in health food stores as a tablet, capsule, or liquid.


6. Black Cohosh

This herb is thought of as the gold standard for relieving menopause symptoms naturally. Black cohosh (actaea racemosa) has been used by Native American tribes to help everything from painful periods to painful childbirth to menopause symptoms. Black cohosh has been reported as being so successful at relieving the symptoms of menopause that it’s even caught the attention of the scientific community. This herb lessens the intensity of night sweats and hot flashes by balancing out hormones. It’s sometimes called black snakeroot and was actually classified as a drug from 1820 until 1926. Black cohosh is the most recommended alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

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