Best Natural Remedies for Relief of Neck Pain

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4. Get a Massage

Sometimes neck pain just doesn’t seem to go away easily. If this is the case, try getting a massage at your local spa. Although this might not be a home remedy, it is completely natural and very effective. Of course if you are lucky, have your partner give you a nice massage at home using some scented coconut or sweet almond oil.


5. Find Ways to Relax

Some neck pains are caused by stress, either mental or physical. Learning to relax will help release the tension in your neck naturally. Try a hot aromatherapy bath with essential oils such as lavender and sea salts. Meditation and yoga are other good ways of relaxing the body. You might also try simply sitting in a quiet place and sip some chamomile or peppermint tea. Learning to relax is just as important as learning to eat healthy or learning a new exercise routine.


6. Practice Better Posture

One cause of neck pain is poor posture. If you find your neck pain often occurs after sitting behind your desk, looking at the computer, try using a yoga ball instead of a chair to improve your posture and decrease the pressure on your neck. You can often straighten and stretch your neck muscles with exercises. You can even try lying flat on a floor to relieve your neck pain and improve your posture.

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