Best Plants for Repelling Ticks and Fleas Naturally

Tick Bite

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Springtime is here and you know what that means: lots of sunshine, warmer weather, time for gardening and spending more time outside…but it also means its flea and tick season.

You could spray your yard with toxic pesticides or sprinkle it with poisonous granules that give off their poison for months; isn’t that a nice thought?  Poison being spread throughout your yard– the yard where your children play and your pets live– for months at a time.

Or you could add some plants to your garden that will naturally repel fleas and ticks. A few plants put in the right places will minimize, and perhaps prevent all together, the invasion of these ugly, biting bugs. Plant these around the perimeter of your yard or around the lawn area where your children play, or around Fido’s dog house.

Many of these plants are really beautiful, too, most of them with a very pleasing fragrance to us. Some of these plants also repel flying insects such as gnats and mosquitoes as well, which means some of these plants work double duty against those annoying summertime bugs.

Keep reading so you can start making plans for your spring time garden now and avoid that summertime plague of fleas and ticks later. You have a beautiful garden to show for it as well.


1. Lavender

You might not know it, but lavender is a part of the mint family.  Lavender smells so sweet in the garden and has beautiful flowers most of the year. It not only repels fleas and ticks, but also mosquitoes and moths. Who wouldn’t love a yard surrounded by beautiful lavender plants? Find out also how to make lavender bath bombs.


2. Rosemary

Another member of the mint family, rosemary grows into a small bush, so you can plant several around the perimeter of your yard. It has beautiful blue flowers in the late spring and most of summer and you can use the leaves in cooking or for a terrific tea. Rosemary gives off a wonderfully pleasing scent when the wind blows through it or when you brush up against it.


3. Feverfew

This is a great choice for the garden or to grow in pots around your patio as it not only repels fleas and ticks, but mosquitoes and other flying insects. This works best when used in conjunction with other plants such as lavender or citronella grass. You can also use feverfew to treat, you guessed it, fevers, headaches, feelings of anxiety, as well as bloating.

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