Food Storage Ideas Without Using Toxic Plastic

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Many people would love to ditch the plastic habit, bur really have no idea where to start. Especially when it comes to food storage. How are you supposed to store the food in your fridge without zip lock plastic bags, Tupperware, or other types of plastic containers?

You really don’t want to keep using that plastic stuff. You probably already know the dangers of BPA, but did you know that the alternative, BPS, is just as bad, or even worse in some instances? It can cause everything from brain damage to heart problems. It’s better to just break the plastic habit and find some alternatives. Yes, this might mean spending a few bucks, but what an excellent investment in your future health!

There are plenty of alternatives to choose from. Keep reading and find out what you can use to break the plastic food storage habit.


1.  Instead of Plastic Wrap

Whatever you call it– plastic wrap, plastic cling, or cling wrap– you know what we are taking about: the thin plastic sheet you put over a container, such as a bowl, when you want to store it in the refrigerator and not let it dry out. There are two cheap and easy solutions for this problem: first, you can use plain old fashioned wax paper to cover the bowl, or you can put a plate or saucer on top of the bowl. You can use the saucer with or without the wax paper, or you can use only wax paper with a rubber band around it to keep it in place. Either way, plastic wrap is on the way out!


2. Le Parfait

These are a great way to keep your food fresh in a pretty little glass container. You can use these in your refrigerator or in the panty.


3. Anchor or Pyrex

These are both old time favorites because you can use these to mix your ingredients, put it in the oven, serve it, then put it in the fridge and never have to transfer it to another container! Although most Pyrex and Anchor glass products use plastic lids, they are BPA free and as long as you don’t heat them with the lid on, there are no worries about chemicals leeching into your food.

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