Food Storage Ideas Without Using Toxic Plastic

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4. LunchBots

If your old lunchbox is made of vinyl, then swap it out for a cool stainless steel lunch box that will remind you of your school days. These are really awesome as they come in a variety of divided or single containers. The divided containers are perfect for salads or sandwiches. You’ll need another container for soup, however, since these are not watertight.


5. Plastic Bag Alternative

For storing produce or dry goods, such as cereal, try Origami Cloth Sacks. These work just as well as those zip lock bags. There are also plenty of cloth alternatives for sale online. Just be sure to avoid any bag that lists itself as “modern oil cloth,” as those are actually made of vinyl.


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6.  Any Kind of Glass Jar

Instead of putting your glass jars, such as spaghetti, mayonnaise, or peanut butter jars in the recycling bin, start keeping them to use later! These can be washed and reused for just about everything from storing frozen foods to juice, to rice, beans, grains, and nuts. Yes, you can use glass jars in the freezer- just fill them only two thirds of the way full so the contents have room to expand.


7. Stainless Steel

Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, so use stainless steel instead. There are several brands of airtight, stainless steel containers for sale if you look online. These can’t go in the microwave, but since they are airtight, they really can’t be beat!

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