Best Supplements To Take While Pregnant

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Even though sometimes it feels as if you are eating for three or four, rather than two it can be difficult to consume enough of the necessary nutrients that you need for an easier pregnancy and for a super healthy baby. This is where supplements can come in handy. Read our list, then print it out, and speak with your doctor about which of these might be right for you.


1. Folates

Although your doctor is more than likely prescribing you those prenatal vitamins that contain folate, you want to be certain that what you are consuming is the natural folate, not the synthetic version called folic acid. Folate has been extensively studied during pregnancy, and it is extremely important for preventing neural tube defects and other types of birth defects. Many sources recommend that pregnant women consume as much as 1200 mcg of folate each day. Speak with your doctor about this extremely important supplement. By the way, if you are trying to become pregnant, it is an excellent idea to start taking this supplement right now as some neural tube defects occur during the first four weeks of pregnancy, when you aren’t even aware that you are pregnant yet.


2. Vitamin D3

There have been tons of research lately about the importance of vitamin D in many areas, including pregnancy. Some studies have found that vitamin D not only helps the formation of healthy bones and hormones in the fetus, but it also supports a healthy immune system in Mom. Other studies have found that vitamin D can reduce the risk of some pregnancy-related conditions such as gestational diabetes. Your best source of vitamin D is natural sunlight, of course, but if you can’t get 30 minutes of sunlight on your bare skin for whatever reason, talk with your doctor about consuming 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 each day. You should also be sure that you are getting a multivitamin that also contains vitamin K2 so that your body can use all of that vitamin D.

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