Beware Of Foods Made In China That Are Fake Or Filled With Toxins

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You might have read recently about pets that consumed treats or toys which were made in China, and later these pets died horrible deaths from toxins used in these products. Or you might have heard about certain products, such as toothpaste or dish soap that contained dangerous toxins that are not allowed in products which are made in America.

Did you know that those are simply the tip of the iceberg? There have been a rash of stories lately about downright dangerous products that are being imported from China. These range from factory farmed fish to plastic food. Yep, you read that right. Plastic. Food. Even baby food isn’t safe!

China appears to be all about making it cheap. Period. They don’t seem to care about health, let alone safety, only the bottom line. The innovative methods of the Chinese may have brought us super inexpensive computers and other products, but all this brain power and innovation is being applied to food as well which is unhealthy at best, and dangerous at worst.

Want to know which are the worst examples regarding food imported from China? Keep reading. We are going to fill you in on which items you absolutely must read the country of origin label so that you can avoid eating plastic food or worse!


1. Pork Becomes Beef

In China, pork is much cheaper than beef, which is why many restaurants try to pass off pork as beef by covering it up with sauces. However, before they ship canned “beef” to America, they first use a beef extract and glazing product. They soak the meat in this solution for a few hours, after which, it allows the pork to appear like beef. What exactly is in this beef extract and glazing agent? We aren’t exactly sure but anything that is being passed off as something it is not should be avoided. After all, perhaps this isn’t even pork any more that they are passing off on us. Dogs are commonly eaten in China. Enough said.


2. Eggs

If you take a look around the internet, it is not difficult to find websites from China that claim you can make as much as $70 dollars a day or more by making and selling fake eggs. The eggs shells are made from calcium carbonate. The “eggs” are made from potassium alum. Alginic acid, calcium chloride, artificial color and water. Sounds appetizing, does it not? Worse, still- eating these chemical eggs can cause brain damage including memory loss and dementia.


3. Peas

We don’t mean the usual snow peas from China, but what we in America would simply call green peas. China is making fake green peas by mixing snow peas, soy beans, a bleaching agent that works as a preservative called sodium metabisulfite, and a green dye that is banned in the US. The dye causes cancer and inhibits the body’s ability to absorb calcium. These peas do not become softer when they are boiled and you will instantly know that there is something wrong with these peas as they turn the water an unnatural green color. Avoid peas from China!

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