Big Food Sells the Same Products in Other Countries – Minus the Chemicals

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There has been more than 30 years’ worth of studies that show that when pregnant mice were fed both BHA and BHT, their offspring had severely altered brain chemistry. The young mice slept less, weighed less, and fought among themselves much more so than the control group of mice.

On top of the BHA and BHT, all of these cereals contain trans-fats, and use the sugar from GMO sugar beets and GMO corn. Again, our children are especially susceptible to GMO foods since their vital organs and bodies are still growing. It’s very easy for children to develop allergies when they are regularly consuming GMO foods.

It’s hard to understand why these Big Food companies continue to use these chemicals when they can obviously use safe alternatives, such as the ones they use when they sell these foods in other countries. Read more about shocking foods Americans eat that are banned in other countries.

Even if these cereals didn’t contain BHA or BHT, they are still not a good food choice. Look for cereals that are NON-GMO Project certified. In addition to not being made with GMO foods, many of these cereals have little or no added sugars and no preservatives like BHT, nitrates, sulfites, or potassium sorbate. You might not find these cereals in your corner supermarket, but a quick trip to a health food store, or organic based store, such as Trader Joe’s, and you will find a wide variety of safe, healthy, whole grain cereals to feed your family. If your kids clamor for that tiger or toucan on the box, have them draw their own and decorate the outside of the box.


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