Big Food Sells the Same Products in Other Countries – Minus the Chemicals

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These additives are found in just about everything it seems; chewing gum, pies, cakes, snack foods, processed meats, cookies, crackers, even beer! Sometimes, in addition to being added to the food itself, BHA and BHT are also sprayed directly on the lining of food packages. BHA and BHT are NOT natural preservatives either. They are derived from petroleum or coal tar. This is a far cry from being GRAS in our book!

Perhaps one of the worst things is that these chemicals are often found in foods that are aimed at children. Many popular breakfast cereals, made by top companies, are loaded with BHT and BHA.  We don’t have to list the name, you know the cereals we are talking about, that big tiger who says his cereal is great, the ones that look like chocolate chip cookies, the ones that look like cinnamon toast, the box that features the toucan, as well a plain old corn cereal with that big rooster on the front. Each of these cereals contains these dangerous chemicals, unless you buy it in Europe or Japan.

That’s right, unless you live in Europe or Japan, you and your family are being blasted with known carcinogenic chemicals. Why? Because Europeans and other countries don’t allow these kinds of ingredients in their cereals. The question here is, if these cereal manufacturers can make these products without BHT and BHA, why don’t they sell them that way here? Why do they seem to think that it’s OK to poison American children, but not Europeans?

Children are much more vulnerable to chemicals as their systems are still growing and developing. Foods that children eat became a part of their growing bodies. However, Big Food does not seem to care that they are targeting young children with their pretty boxes of cereal that are filled with toxic carcinogenic chemicals.

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