You Won’t Believe the Toxins in Your Vitamins, Supplements, and Health Foods

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No matter how healthy you try to eat, the fact is that almost everyone could use a few good supplements. Our fruits and vegetables used to be full of nutrients and minerals but due to depleted soils, our foods lack some of the important nutrients that our bodies need.

However, if you thought that your multi-vitamin or other supplement was pure and healthy, that very well might not be the case. You might be adding toxic and dangerous chemicals to your body without even knowing it.

Grab your vitamins, supplements, and protein powders and see if any of them contain the following 12 toxic chemicals that might be having a more serious effect on your health than you might think.


1. BHT and/or Sodium Benzoate

These are often seen together as they are preservatives, which doesn’t sound bad until you know that these chemicals are classified as carcinogens and can damage your DNA structure.


2. Boric Acid

Although harmless when applied topically, boric acid is added to many supplements. When ingested, boric acid can cause depression, DNA damage, birth defects, headaches, including migraines, and inflammation.


3. Sodium Selenite and Sodium Selenate

Both of these are sold on the market today as minerals, but these are synthetic minerals that have been classified as being dangerous to the environment. They are genotoxic and carcinogenic. They have been linked to reproductive as well as developmental problems in studies done with both humans and animals. It’s interesting to note that the EPA will not allow these substances in public drinking water but apparently they don’t mind you consuming them as supplements.

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