“Bogus” Ebola Cures? What the FDA and Mainstream Media Aren’t Telling You


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On the world stage of Ebola, there is a very interesting showdown of sorts playing out before our eyes. In the back and forth discussions of treatments and cures is one billion dollars worth of potential vaccine profits, not to mention the millions of lives that are at stake as this pandemic unfolds.

This is a short summary of what has taken place so far:

  • As of today, conventional medicine has absolutely ZERO vaccines, treatments, preventions, or cures for treating this disease.
  • The panic that the media has evoked put tremendous pressure on the FDA to authorize vaccine trials, which are being performed by a company named Tekmira, whose stock prices, by the way, went through the roof and doubled soon after the announcement was made.
  • As the news of this deadly virus spreads, certain websites began to state that they had various cures or treatments that would either prevent you from contracting Ebola or could treat it if you became infected.
  • An article published in the New York Times stated that the FDA has issued warnings about these Ebola “cures”. This article named Dr. Rima Laibow, specigfically, for stating that nano silver kills Ebola.
  • However, about the same time, the New York Times also published an incrediably speculative piece which makes ridiculous statements that statin drugs might treat Ebola, even though there is absolutely no evidence that this claim could even remotely be true.
  • Although the New York Times was quick to denounce “bogus” cures such as nano silver, they didn’t mind printing articles about bogus cures such as statin drugs. Any experimental pharmaceuticals that originate from western medicine are assumed to have some value to them, but experimental treatments from alternative or holistic medicine are all assumed to be snake oil. This is not only unscientific, but unethical and irresponsible as well.
  • This also begs the question: What is the difference between unproven drug and an unproven holistic approach? Perhaps the answer to this question is faith. America and western cultures have faith in their westernized medicines, so it’s assumed that any of their vaccines and drug treatments must work. Faith, remember, does not need evidence.
  • However, Dr. Rima Laibow from the Natural Solutions Foundation published a page which states that the Department of Defense published a study in 2009 where they claimed that nano silver inhibits the Ebola virus. Since the publication of this page, Dr. Laibow has tried to alert scientists as well as political leaders from many different countries, that the outbreak of Ebola might be a part of an overall population reduction plan.

The actions of Dr. Laibow has set off a general alarm at the FDA, and is hitting a sore spot with the mainstream media, as both of these seem to be revving up their torpedos , ready to fire them at anyone who claims that anything other than a pharmaceutical drug or a vaccine might be the answer to the Ebola virus.

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