“Bogus” Ebola Cures? What the FDA and Mainstream Media Aren’t Telling You


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Does nano silver actually work on this virus? This is a grey area as to the best of anyone’s knowledge, nano silver has not been tested on this virus. There is something to be said for nano silver, however, and that is that western medicine has NOTHING to offer you in the way of cures or treatment, NOTHING, ZIP, NADA. Nano silver, on the other hand, can’t hurt and may just work as it’s well known that no bacteria can stand up to silver. Will the Ebola virus be the exception? As of today, we don’t know, but taking nano silver in the event of an outbreak won’t hurt you, that is something we do know, and it just might help you. You might want to consider stocking some nano silver as an emergency center, as well as stocking up on antiseptic liquids such as bleach, herbal tinctures, iodine, and organic storable preparedness foods.

Should it be discovered that nano silver is not effective against Ebola, it can always be used as a topical antiseptic liquid.

Unfortunately, western medicine has a long history of suppressing many types of natural cures and holistic treatments, going back to the very beginning of the American Medical Association. Western medicine has systematically tried to suppress almost all helpful and truthful information about the prevention of disease and the treatment potential of foods, healing art treatments, medicinal herbs, as well as virtually waging war against chiropractic medicine during the first half of the 20th century.

A perfect example about the suppression of truth about vitamin C and D has been going on for more than 75 years. Vitamin D supplements may, in fact, turn out to be the most effective, as well as affordable, defense against viral pandemics. However, since vitamin D is so cheap to make, there would be no profit in it so there is no one raving about all the fascinating science that is behind vitamin D. Read more about vitamin D and diseases caused from its lack.

Western medicine has also suppressed the truth about colloidal silver. The use of silver impregnated bandages could be saving thousands, maybe even millions, of lives in hosptials and burn wards across America, however, the FDA has deliberately suppressed the use of silver technology. Topically, nano silver is incredibly effective in preventing infections in burn victims. You might be asking, why isn’t nano silver standard procedure in hospitals and emergency rooms everywhere? Because it isn’t a drug that will make buckets of money for drug companies.

So the idea that Dr. Laibow is putting out there is that there is a deliberate cover up of nano silver as a possible cure or treatment for Ebola. The second time around, this idea doesn’t seem quite so wacky, does it? Of course this doesn’t mean that every natural cure works and that there is a huge conspiracy to cover up all cures, but this is a starting point for asking legitimate questions about what works and what are we not being told.

It’s just been recently discovered that the FDA has been in cahoots with a very large manufacturer of toothpaste to hide the truth about one of their ingredients, triclosan, from the general public. Bloomber.com reported just last week that triclosan has been closely linked to the growth of cancer cells as well as the disrupted development in animal studies. One of the major tooth paste manufacturers included a 35 page summary of the toxicology studies that were done on triclosan when they submitted their application to the FDA for approval. The FDA withheld this report from the public and only released it earlier this year after a lawsuit over the a request via the Freedom of Information Act.

This is but one small example of how the FDA colludes with rich corporations in order to withhold crucial information from the public; even if it’s information that is vital to the health of the public. If you think your toothpaste isn’t a big deal, check out the history of Vioxx and Rezulin. Then you will see how the FDA works with these corporations to bury information that they don’t want the public to have access to.

Now we want to stress that there is no hard evidence that nano silver kills Ebola, but knowing how the FDA hides information from us, intelligent people can’t help but wonder what else the FDA might not be telling us.

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