Can Simply Soaking in This One Thing Help You Lose Weight?

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You might be reading this and thinking “Yeah, people need to soak their heads if they think that they can soak away those extra pounds!” You would be partially right. It takes a lot more than just a good soak in the tub to drop weight, but soaking in an Epsom salt bath regularly, in combination with other healthy habits, can help you lose weight.

Epsom salt isn’t really salt, even though it certainly looks like it. This product is actually magnesium sulfate heptahydrate. Epsom salts are terrific at helping with many different things, including detoxing and rebalancing the body, as well as reducing the appearance of cellulite, and give your body a much needed infusion of magnesium, a mineral that almost everyone is deficient in.

Epsom salts get their name from Epsom in Surrey, England, when it was first discovered in a bitter saline water source. This naturally occurring mineral is a compound made up of both magnesium and sulfate. This salt look alike has many useful health remedies including:

  • Relief from the pain and itching of bug bites
  • Safe and natural cleaner for tile and other items in the home
  • Eases the pain of muscle aches and encourages quicker recovery
  • Alleviates mild sunburn pain and other skin irritations
  • Good hair treatment for those with oily scalps
  • Super skin exfoliator, especially for the feet
  • Soothing treatment for poison ivy or poison oak rashes
  • Induces feelings of relaxation

What everyone really wants to know, however, is how can Epsom salts help you to lose weight?

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